Learn how to make a special stir fry dish with Prawns and raw plantains !!
The prawns and raw plantains are a rare combination.Then you add special masala mix and a special way of preparation, results in this dish.
This recipe is mainly found in the indian villages and especially in kerala village. The village food recipes show rare mixes of ingredients. The kerala villa food goes with fish and seafood. Due to the freshwater prawns available in kerala, the taste of the food will also differ.
The plantain is considered a nutritious common man food. Raw plantain is prepared in different types like plantain stir fry, plantain fry or plantain fruit is taken as such also.
The village life gives lot of rare recipes and the indidiet is trying to bring these for all of us to try the kerala villa food.
Similarly, prawns are also prepared as curry or fry, giving lots of recipes of prawns curry, prawns fry, prawns stir fry, prawns masala, shrimp curry, fired shrimp etc. Lots of ingredients are added with prawns like raw plantain to make different combinations.
In kerala, these dishes are famous as nadan chemmeen fry or nadan konju fry.

ingredients for prawns plantain stiry fry
prawns – 500 gms
raw plantain – 2 nos
turmeric powder – 1/4 tbsp
crushed dried chillies – 1 tbsp
black pepper powder – 1/2 tbsp
onion – 1 no
ginger – 1 small piece
curry leaves – few
lime juice – 1 tsp
oil – 4 tbsp
salt – as needed
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prawns biriyani recipe – https://youtu.be/s180QlMv8dg
grandma special chemmeen aviyal – https://youtu.be/0bAVWQfyJLE

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