17 Schools, 17 Goals: Making the World a Better Place with the UN SDGs and IUPUI

With the United Nations Sustainable Development Aims as the cornerstone of IUPUI’s Place of work of Worldwide Affairs’ internationalization prepare, we are happy to present this emphasize reel of our achievements.

Across all of the 17 universities at IUPUI we are fully commited to addressing the SDGs and this clip of our February 17, 2022 SDG day showcases just a couple of of the approaches we are performing so.

View the all the presentations from that working day and study more about IUPUI’s operate in the SDGs: https://sdg.iupui.edu

Speakers, in order of overall look:
Nasser Paydar, IUPUI Chancellor Emeritus
Joe Hogsett, Indianapolis Mayor
Invoice Scott, Professor, IUPUI School of Science
Jessica Davis, Director, IUPUI Office of Sustainability
Christine Picard, Director, Centre for Environmental Sustainability Through Insect Farming, IUPUI University of Science
Izumi Harris, Professor, IUPUI University of Liberal Arts
Peter Schubert, Director, Richard G. Lugar Middle for Renewable Electricity, IUPUI University of Engineering and Technological innovation
Khaula Murtadha, Associate Vice Chancellor for Local community Engagement, IUPUI
Fran Quigley, Professor, IU Robert H. McKinney College of Regulation
Hilary Kahn, Affiliate Vice Chancellor for Global Affairs, IUPUI

This video and the Making the Earth a Far better Position via the SDGs event were created probable by the assistance of a Welcoming Campus Innovation (Re)Setting up Group by means of Engagement Fund grant.

Unique thanks to Superior Purpose Communications for filming and enhancing this video clip.

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One thought on “17 Schools, 17 Goals: Making the World a Better Place with the UN SDGs and IUPUI

  • at 5:49 pm

    The Earth is cooler with the atmos/GHGs/albedo not warmer.

    To perform as advertised the GHGs require “extra” energy upwelling from the surface radiating as a black body. (https://youtu.be/0Jijw7-YG-U)

    The kinetic heat transfer processes of the contiguous atmos molecules render that scenario impossible.

    No greenhouse effect, no GHG warming, no man/CO2 driven climate change or Gorebal warming.

    Version 1.0 051022

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