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Scrambled tofu ingredients used:
– Firm tofu
– Mushrooms
– Spinach
– Vegan margarine
– Garlic
– Nutritional yeast
– Paprika
– Turmeric
– Salt & pepper

The ingredients we used to cook the pumpkin soup, which made about 5 portions, were:
– Pumpkin (We used 1 medium sized pumpkin)
– Carrots (We used 2 small carrots, so you could use 1 medium/large)
– Onion (We used 1 large onion)
– Garlic (We used several cloves)
– Vegetable stock (We used approx 500ml
– Coconut milk (We used 2/3 of a can)
– Sage
– Chilli powder & flakes
– Salt & pepper

It was really easy and so delicious! Would definitely recommend for a nutritious, cosy autumn meal 🍂

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