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All recipes are enough for 2 people

French toast recipe
You’ll need:
6 slices of bread
250ml vegan milk
1/2 banana
2tbsp maple syrup
2tsp cinnamon
1/2tsp vanilla extract
1/2tsp nutmeg
3tbsp all purpose flour
vegan butter for greasing the pan (about 1tbsp per slice of bread)

Mix all the ingredients except the butter in a blender or foodprocessor (or mash banana by hand and mix by hand if you don’t own any electrical appliances). Put the mixture in a shallow bowl large enough to dip a slice of bread in. Heat up a pan to medium heat and add 1tbsp butter. Dip each slice of bread in the mixture we made and let it soak for about 20 seconds on each side. Then add it to the pan and cook for about 3-5 minutes on medium heat per side. Once one side is nice and crispy, flip the French toast and cook for another 3-5 minutes. You preferably should use older kind of stale bread for this since it soaks up way more liquid so way more flavour. I’ve also seen some people toast there bread before to make it soak up even more flavour but I never tried that myself. Serve the French toasts with fruit, more butter and lot’s of maple syrup and enjoy!

Stovetop granola recipe
You’ll need:

150gr oats
40gr chopped walnuts
50gr chopped pecans
1/2tsp nutmeg
1tsp cinnamon
35gr raisins
35gr dried apricot
60ml maple syrup
optional: 1tsp vanilla extract

Heat up a pan on low heat and add the oats. Toast the oats sligthly until they become a bit crispy for about 5 minutes on low heat. Keep and eye on them and keep on stiring making sure they don’t burn. Then add the nutmeg, cinnamon and the nuts and cook this for another 3 minutes on low heat. Turn of the heat and add the maple syrup. Quickly stir until everything is covered in a layer of maple syrup. Then add your dried fruit, I used raisins and apricot but you can use any dried fruit that you like! Lastly add some vanilla extract if you have it, you don’t have to add this but I highly recommend adding it since it makes the granola so much better. Serve your granola with some vegan yoghurt and fruit and enjoy!

Raspberry pancakes with a raspberry sauce recipe
You’ll need:
for the raspberry sauce:

100gr rasberries (fresh or frozen)
1tbsp granulated sugar
2tbsp water
1/2tbsp cornstarch +1/2tbsp water

For the pancakes:

65gr oats
1 ripe banana
180ml vegan milk (or water)
105gr whole wheat flour
1tsp baking powder
1tsp cinnamon
85gr raspberries (fresh or frozen)

First make the raspberry sauce by adding the raspberries, the sugar and the water to a pan and heating this up on low heat. You can smash the raspberries a bit with a spatula to make this go faster. Once everything is cooked down a bit and the sauce is boiling you can turn of the heat and add the cornstarch mixture. Mix this in and your sauce is done! Put the sauce in the fridge to cool off while we make the pancakes.

For the pancakes mix all the ingredients except the raspberries in a blender or foodprocessor. If you don’t own a blender or foodprocessor you can use some oat flour instead of the oats and mash the banana by hand. The batter will become a bit smoother in a blender then in a foodprocessor. Once you’ve got a nice and thick batter you can mix in the raspberries. Just smash them a bit with a spoon or spatula to make the pieces less thick. Heat up a non stick pan on low heat and add a bit of the batter to it (I use about 2 tbsp per pancake). Cook the pancakes for a few minutes on each side until bubbles form and the pancake starts to look a bit dry from above. Flip the pancake and cook for another 2 minutes or so. Serve the pancakes with the raspberry sauce that we made and some more fresh raspberries. Enjoy!


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