HALLO! Hannah McNeely & I came up with 4 fall festive easy QUICK vegan snacks! These are all delicious, simple to make, VEGAN annnnd taste like fall exploding in your mouth. Which is a good thing. Snacks include Pumpkin Pie Dip, SuPEAR Ginger Toast, Fall Balls & Baked Persapples😛
I CUT HANNAH’S BANGS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Wg_RhfZ3QM&feature=youtu.be
Hannah’s Insta: @Hannah_McNeely

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Vanilla Chai vegan protein (used in fluff): https://www.ehplabs.com/store/blessed-protein-by-clear-vegan/blessed-plant-based-protein-30-serves.html

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(These are Amazon Associate Links. I am not sponsored by Amazon but if you use links I get a liiiiiittle bit of credit! So it’s a win-win for both of us! Woo!)

♡ This video is not sponsored 🙂

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