Are vegan cholesterol levels too low to make hormones and do low cholesterol levels increase cancer and mortality risk? Bonny Rebecca was very concerned about her low levels of cholesterol as a vegan.
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  • I do want to mention a couple things to Bonny's credit that aren't as bad as I originally thought. Firstly, she did not purchase the wool rug herself, she didn't know there was wool in it, it was not a conscious decision for what that's worth. Secondly, she has pulled back on her statement about eating cholesterol making her healthier in a more recent video.

  • 👍👍👍 very informative and high cholesterol being better controlled with diet is a must know for people! The medication isn't always the best option for every one. Too low cholesterol….umm….. before this, I had never heard of that.

  • i have PCOS which means my progesterone doesn't produce correctly. i'm whole foods vegan and eat extremely low oil, i've had my blood tested but i'm not sure about my cholesterol, could too low cholesterol. be a cause of this?? never gonna stop being vegan but i'm wondering if i need to change some thing s about the plants i eat?

  • Mine is a 47 as my last yearly blood test back in November & my Dr praised my results & my Dr isn’t a vegan but she tells me repeatedly how beautiful my test results always are and how she herself has cut 70% of animal products out of her diet cause she sees results like mine in a lot of her vegan patients.

  • Why recommend cholesterol in diet, cholesterol is synthesized in your liver there is no need to consume it. Could be Bonnie's liver is not working that is why she is low in it. or another hormonal issue, but I'm not a human doctor I'm a veterinarian and yeah not really clinical practitioner I'm a meat inspector. I see cattle being sacrificed every day. Slaughter units follow farm animal welfare protocols and no one can harm cattle unnecessarily but it is inevitable that some of the cattle gets injured or agitated,. Could it be the future will change? with veganism? a bland vegan diet and cult approach which some vegans profess I doubt it.

  • I went wfpb because I have rheumatoid arthritis. Meat and dairy cause inflammation. With RA inflammation is your enemy. I think she is confused. Wfpb did not cure me, but it lowered my cholesterol and I haven't had but one flare a year. I used to have them every couple of months.

  • Bonny Rebecca seems like she’s lying and using the deficiency excuse to get off the hook. She made a video saying too much fiber was irritating her bowels but in her NEW what I eat in a day she ate almost 60g of fiber. She ate buckwheat, nut butters, tomatoes, onions, pumpkins, pasta, more tomatoes, cauliflower. Like literally all she had was whole vegetables and 2 eggs. How is too much fiber bad but all you ate was fiber with 2 eggs? 🤔

  • Could you please make a video on gestational diabetes? My sister thinks she might get diagnosed because she has high blood sugar. I really need to show her that it@s reversible on a vegan diet. Btw she is mostly vegetarian. Thank so much and I love your work!

  • Yep no. At best Bonny Rebecca is a good example why representing something you don't understand is problematic. She either has the worst luck with doctors or most doctors are even more full of shit than I originally thought. I get that judging someone on the internet isn't great especially when vegans suppose to be pompous assholes. Thats not actually true but ya know thats whole sanitizing differing opinions works along with projection and reverse psychology. But Bonny Rebecca has been BASING her entire social media presence on her life as a vegan and frankly the hardship she seems to be facing is just no end of silliness on a series topic.

  • Hey Mic it would be great to have you do a video on people like myself that have livers that produce large amounts of cholesterol even on the Esselstyn’s diet. Maybe clarify that even though my cholesterol is 170 even with a 20 mg staten that there are still tremendous benefits, like the fact that my cholesterol is not oxidized etc…

  • can i be curing my hypothyroidism being vegan? i have needed meds since i was 22. I've been vegan about a year and 1/2. my high chol is gone. and my high bp is gone.(i was on meds for those ills also and now I'm off of all of them.)my q is every time i get bloodwork my tsh levels keep raising and i need less and less synthetic thyroid medication! have you ever heard of hypothyroidism being reversed? thanks. love all your videos. they've helped me tremendously as a new vegan.

  • What's frustrating is that this youtuber "Bonny" actually never says what her actual total cholesterol number is. Does she ever share any blood test results? Why talk about it if you aren't going to share the actual data?

  • It’s too simplistic to say an arbitrary cholesterol number like 180 or 200 will cause heart disease. CVD is a lot more complicated than that. In truth what is known now is that systemic inflammation is what’s the key component in CVD. Inflammation is the cause of nearly every disease in the body. CVD is inflammation of the vascular system. Diet and lifestyle steer this. I’d say the reason strict vegans who eat a whole food, plant based diet have less CVD is because vegetables are anti-inflammatory. Not that they have low low cholesterol. Cholesterol just helps ease inflammation in CVD. It’s not a bad substance. It’s trying to help. Every one of the trillions of cells in your body can make cholesterol. It’s important for so many things. So your levels change all the time. A blood test is a snapshot. Reduce inflammation by eating properly, sleep, exercise, less stress etc… inflammation..that’s the culprit on almost everything.

  • Great video, Mic. I'm a doctor and I have worked with cardiologists when I was a junior. One told me he had very high total cholesterol. But he was like "whatever. I just take statins." He genuinely thought that statins should be in the water supply. This is a guy whose JOB it was to site stents all day into atherosclerotic coronary arteries. So, patients don't have a lot of hope when their doctors are like that.

  • You made a very valuable comment making the point that when doctors see the medical stats on very healthy people, they maybe be concerned given that these stats from people with an average lifestyle would imply something is very wrong with their body. Thank you for your content! I constantly love it!

  • Mic if you are reading this thank you for all the informative content you put out. I’m wondering if you can make a video on autism & vaccines and maybe touch on the diet part as dr Greger said. I have a son with autism and I swear I hear it weekly about vaccines and I would love to have a video I can share of all the data proving it has nothing to do with vaccines. I won’t ever change an anti-vaxxer mind but people (especially new parents) should see the science instead of listening to rumours. Thanks again 🥬🍏💖

  • Uh it was probably her HDL that was too low, not her LDL (or both were low). Which studies show that low HDL is good? Honestly, I want to support your channel but you need to stop cherry-picking studies to frame your argument. Critically analyze the body of research, don't just present a ridiculously biased POV. High LDL is just as bad as Low HDL when it comes to optimal blood lipid profile. Neither should be ignored.

  • I don't know if anyone has asked you to do this as well, but I was wondering if you could do a video focussed on any effects of a whole food vegan diet on controlling and improving PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome) because it effects a significant number of women. and since it is a hormone imbalance disease, could there be a connection to our diet, other than just our weight, which is what doctors will often tell you? thanks, love your channel

  • No, but it means your brain won't function at an optimal level. Low cholesterol leads to anxiety, and depression. At the same time high cholesterol can increase the chances of having a heart attack. Looks our grandparents were right, everything in moderation.