Bias in Nutrition

Is every person biased in some way? Or is it possible to be 100% unbiased?
Is this even a superior problem to aim on? Is there a more potent tool to aim on?

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Disclaimer: The contents of this movie are for informational needs only and are not supposed to be health-related guidance, prognosis, or remedy, nor to change medical care. The details presented herein is precise and conforms to the accessible scientific proof to the finest of the author’s knowledge as of the time of putting up. Always request the suggestions of your doctor or other certified well being service provider with any questions with regards to any healthcare situation. In no way disregard skilled health care suggestions or hold off trying to get it due to the fact of data contained in Nutrition Created Very simple!.

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:00 Bias in Nourishment
3:32 Why I stopped applying the bias label
4: 29 A a lot more effective software
5:12 Minimal fat bias?
6:07 Reduced carb bias?
6:21 Vegan bias?
8:07 Triglyceride bias?
9:08 Cholesterol bias?
10:19 Guard oneself, Stage 1
11:48 Stage 2

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49 thoughts on “Bias in Nutrition

  • at 9:04 pm

    Very funny comments

  • at 9:22 pm

    Doc, it all boils down to how someone feels at the end of the day with the foods they've ingested into their bodies. As for me, I wish I had known much earlier that meat and dairy products are indeed hazardous to health. I never felt right and had lots of health issues bcz of them. Admittedly, I still eat eggs and fish (for iron and B12 — I hope I can find a way out of it though) minimally but ever since I've turned 90% vegan, everything has fallen into place and i just feel fantastic.

    It matters little whether you're biased or unbiased. Find what truly works for you.

  • at 9:23 pm

    I thought about bias when I saw the review of "Game Changers", critical thinking needs to be applied equally and universally to prevent bias.

  • at 10:02 pm

    Thanks mate, another good analysis. I'm not sure that your channel can be called "nutrition made simple" If I start taking notes on every video and check references. (I'm not going to do that) 😁

  • at 10:29 pm

    I’d love if you touched on fish more. While fish fat can be healthy and reduce heart problems from what I understand, there are also many contaminates in the oceans and waterways now that can populate in fish. This doesn’t just happen in fish. It seems when toxins are present that the higher you eat on the food chain, the more likely you are to have high doses of these toxins yourself because with each trophic level, the toxins get condensed.

    Would be very interested in hearing your thought or if there’s research that you are aware of that could help me understand this better.

  • at 10:47 pm

    First time here, love it. Thank you for doing these vedio's.

  • at 10:48 pm

    Let me buy you a better mic

  • at 11:18 pm

    People tend to conflate being open-minded with being gullible. Being open-minded means being open to entertain ideas and claims that may or may not be true, look at them from all angles, weighing them accordance with current understanding and evidence, and then accepting or dismissing them once the assessment is done. Being gullible is accepting any idea or claim uncritically outright. So, many people who want to be free-thinkers act as opposite to being gullible, and thus reject anything that does not align with their narrative. It takes courage and introspection to shake one's entire foundation – which sometimes happens when one is open-minded. When someone is gullible, they have no foundation and thus there is nothing to shake.

  • at 11:55 pm

    Thanks Gil. This is another great excellent lesson on evidence-based critical thinking in view of the fact that there is so many conflicting claims in nutrition. It was becoming dismaying but you made us realize that that's just how science works. There's so much to study more.

  • at 1:37 am

    Politicians should watch this as well. Great content as always.

  • at 2:37 am

    I know I'm pretty biased. I listen to a lot of people, but I'm still biased towards vegans because vegan based channels just seem to have science-based arguments all the time while everyone else seem negative towards vegans. Honestly, it confuses me as to why everyone seems to take a dig at vegans, but I guess veganism main focus isn't about people's health.
    I don't think I will live long enough to completely understand nutrition. Reading up on nutrition did at least made it easier to detect misinformation and thinking about the weight of any study helps with any new information. Hmm….it also makes me think about making custom mouse food mix so my pet mice can eat healthier along with me instead of buying store mouse foods. Store mouse foods are mainly grains, nuts and seeds (with pellets having some pea protein/fish) and it doesn't make my mice fat, they're all thin and energetic. Imagine that being an ideal human diet.

  • at 2:52 am

    Your “reason and evidence bias” is so obvious. You need to start asking yourself “how does this make me FEEL”, and you need to pray about it, and see if the Bible has anything to say about it, because IT is IRREFUTABLE ABSOLUTE TRUTH. How do I know? Because it says so right in it, somewhere, and besides, it’s the WORD of GOD, because, well, because it says it is. There. Hope I set you straight. I expect all future videos to start with a prayer, or at least a Dr Oz quote.

  • at 3:16 am

    My only real bias is liking every single video from Nutrition Made Simple.

  • at 3:18 am

    I agree with you

  • at 3:32 am

    Wow I'm learning so much more from your content these days. I love how you're really giving us the tools to figure it out for ourselves. So glad you're back! Thanks Gil!

  • at 3:41 am

    Who would have thought food and life style diet would become religions. Keep up the great work.

  • at 4:01 am

    Thank you for a great video again! What comes to the health effects of oil and fish, I haven't come accross RCT studies comparing those to healthy low fat foods like beans. Have you? Observation studies have shown the health outcomes being better with beans.

    It's obvious that PUFA is better choice than SFA or refined carbs and oils are (as far as I know) compared to those. During PREDIMED Study, though, ppl still got heart attacks and developed diabetes even on Mediterranian diets. It's been shown that both of those chronic diseases can be stopped and even reversed.

    Fish eaters consume less dairy than ppl on average – that wasn't taken into consideration even in a study which concluded that fish eaters have lower risk of prostate cancer.

    Physiology is logical. What is harmful to glycocalyx, messes up both endocannabinoid system and microbiome, our protective triangel shields. That helps to put information in a context to understand why some foods are more beneficial than others.

  • at 4:27 am

    This is a great video. Gil, what do you think of the several meta-analyses done on saturated fat and cardiovascular disease causality? All state that saturated fat isn’t a causal factor. Would love to see a video on this.

  • at 6:12 am

    It seems you're biased in science 😂🤣😂

    Very good video 😎🤘
    many thanks 🌹

  • at 6:21 am

    I have the impression that you are biased against opinions and towards scientific facts. 😉

    Fantastic video. Extending beyond the context of nutrition.

  • at 6:25 am

    Great video 🙂

  • at 8:03 am

    Addressing bias is a red herring because science's average biased/gullible critic will interpret this as confirmation of their own biased view that everyone but them is biased.

    They then become better primed to believe the snake oil marketing that taps into the desire to know an inside secret or newly discovered nugget when it's presented with made up evidence or just poorly chosen & poorly interpreted evidence. You keep criticising personal credentials and insisting we shouldn't trust you (that's clever) but most people don't have time to gather the totality of evidence for every fad or ingredient and so they rely on the medical experts you keep criticising (indirectly i hope).

    If during a Medlife Crisis video on another subject Dr Francis offered up some cardiac advice that sounded relevant to you would you doubt it based on there being no link in his description?

    I believe you should recommend a more balanced approach that instead of just favouring your particular MO also promotes the value of actual experts at the c̶o̶a̶l̶ career face.

  • at 8:23 am

    Another great video, I’ve always thought you only look at the totality of evidence and that’s why I like your channel.

  • at 8:38 am

    obviously a bill gates illuminati world domination society shill video!

    Just kidding, excellent stuff as always doc

  • at 10:21 am

    Why do you speak in plural? Do you work with a team? Are there other scientists working with you on these videos? (One of my favorite channels!)

  • at 11:58 am

    I agree with all that you said, but am hesitant to accept that fish is beneficial in the long term due to the heavy metal, PCB and plastic contamination. My wife eats much fish despte her blood tests showing excessive mercury levels. Many evidence based studies are restricted to short term outcomes, and miss the bigger picture, or longer term consequences. I'm a great admirer of your opinions, keep up the excellent content.

  • at 12:48 pm

    Thank you for the great content. The high scientific standards you apply and the focus on objectivity are very rare on Youtube. I am a scientist (biotechnology) myself and started researching the most health promoting diet a year ago trying to fix my parents health issues. I feel biased as I found so much evidence promoting a well planned whole-plant based diet +supplements and avoiding animal products. Often I ask myself if I am missing something. Is there any data out there you know, showing advantages of use of animal products over avoiding them?

  • at 12:55 pm

    I'm vegan, that's my bias. However if we look at the evidence I think it shows that a diet consisting primarily of minimally processed plant foods and reduced amounts of animal derived foods is the best diet for health and longevity. How the details shake down is another matter. But I think we can agree that something like the so called "Green Mediterranean Diet" would be close to the optimal diet.

  • at 1:01 pm

    So if you like meat, eat meat , if you like veg eat veg.
    Dont worry about cholesterol or the low fat hype.

    If we eat foods that haven't been done in in a factory, our bodies become healthier by built in design

    Learn that labelling on foods is misleading and needs to say what's been done to the substance the claim is food.

    If you cant do the same with basic utensils in your own kitchen, don't eat it.

  • at 1:12 pm

    I tried what you said but found this confusing beyond words. I would love to know your take on this given your mastery of interpretive skills

  • at 1:58 pm

    It’s a fine line;

    – you don’t want to hold the same views forever, people will call you bias/a shill
    – you don’t want to change views frequently, you may become unreliable

  • at 2:12 pm

    HI. Love your youtube videos.
    I have a question about lectins. How do you get off them with raw food like tomatoes? I get that cooking beans will destroy lectins, but what about the green salads some of us eat?

  • at 4:53 pm

    Isn’t bias built right into the scientific method? A scientist holds one view and then goes about the research or does a scientific experiment or experiments to prove it is true? If it turns out to be false or inconclusive, they have no problem stating that and cite the reasons why based on facts or lack of evidence.

    Certain kinds of biases are okay, part of the scientific inquiry.

    What is not okay is people in positions of privilege practicing outside of their scope and not performing best practices. Ahimsa, or do no harm, should be the mantra. Harming is intentionally spreading misinformation that directly and negatively impacts people’s health and doing it for financial gain (especially massive amounts). This is true in the health and wellness industry (for example suggesting someone take high doses of turmeric and then that person suffers from acute liver injury) as well as within Western medicine.

    For those of us who aren’t doctors or scientists, we still have personal responsibility for our own health, using our own judgements, based on what we know about ourselves and what we can tolerate. Sometimes it is just common sense. Other factors play into it such affordability, customs and availability.

    We can also look for that robust evidence,if we so chose, if we are considering a change in diet, while largely consuming what we are already used to consuming but making small adaptations along the way until fully converted or maybe not be fully converted. Our choice.

    The whole point about Nutrition Made simple, is to cut through all of the hype, to make it easier for people to practice discernment.

    Recognize that most are not in positions of privilege. Many people don’t have hours of time to pour through the research for fun. They want a plan that is easy to follow and works and basically get on with their lives. That said, there are others who want to take it even further and join communities. They yearn to bond with like-minded people. Connection is sometimes stronger than bias. The two can definitely feed off of each other.

  • at 4:55 pm

    You are a genius!!!

  • at 6:09 pm

    Hello, I’ve been eating plant based foods high in iron and vitamin C but I am still deficient. Is there anything I can do to alleviate this problem?

  • at 6:43 pm

    In my non-biased opinion you are the best!! Or maybe I'm just biased cause of me being 100% plant based. 🤗

  • at 7:57 pm

    As a vegan myself but also coming from a physics background, it drives me crazy when I discuss with other vegans and I make claims (backed by studies) that eating some animal products wont affect your health that much, or that fish are considered healthy, and they go totally ballistic on me. It does not diminish any of the ethical, environmental and health arguments for eating a healthy vegan diet!

  • at 8:10 pm

    Love the videos, I've been on paleo for long time with now bad blood pressure. So I've been reducing meat and going more toward Mediterranean. But can you do a video on blood sugar elevations of oats, fruits, and grains and how to reduce them. Also I have is, any recommendations to improve gut health while eating more plants less meat.
    Thanks for the videos to take away contradictions in all the diets, paleo, keto,organ.

  • at 9:42 pm

    I believe the healthy diets are a mix of Keto and Vegan. The key is to cut out all refined sugars & simple sugars, and have a low amount of carbohydrates, and increase the amount of healthy fats and healthy lean meats. Keto group and Vegan group are not enemies. The REAL ENEMY is the FOOD MANUFACTURING INDUSTRY, they are the real enemy bc they produce the most harmful foods: Ultra-Processed, and Processed Foods, HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup). We can vote with our wallets. When we choose to buy ONLY Healthier Foods (real, whole foods, unprocessed foods that do not have added sugars or HFCS) then the Food Industry will change their practices. Let's do our part and vote with our wallets!!

  • at 9:46 pm

    My advice, or what I do is this, I subscribe to other channels, I take what I like from them and your channel, go eat quality food, enjoy life and be happy. I go rogue sometimes, I'm half human half animal too. Stressing on food is worse than food itself, learn don't obsess, balance not fanaticism.

  • at 12:49 am

    Learn "how to learn"

  • at 1:57 am

    The first book I read on Nutrition was "Let's Eat Right To Stay Fit" Adele Davis I read it in 1974, and I've been reading and now watching videos on nutrition ever sense. Thank you for all the information you provide. It's hard for us that aren't in the medical profession to feel confident about food choices.

  • at 5:42 am

    Wait vegetable oil has health benefits

  • at 11:18 am

    Checking for evidence ist generally a good Idea. However, some people don't understand that evidence ist sometimes not necessary. For example to disprove generalizations (Like there ist no vegan woman who prefers a nonvegan partner) a simple disproving example is enough (Like I met such a woman). No need for scientific evidence. Once somebody claimed that never hast been less pollution with a specific substance than last year and wanted to prove his claim with statistics of the past ten (!) years. I said he is wrong but he wanted me to show evidence. Trivial Statements need no evidence, they are self-evident.

  • at 12:00 pm

    React to GOATIS

  • at 1:48 pm

    I want to hear more about commercially processed seed oils. I cut them way down for the last year and have lost more weight and felt better but there's really no way to know if that positive result is due to skipping the foods that contain the oils or the oils themselves. At the end of the day does it matter? My question is: how could something so processed be good for you?

  • at 1:33 am

    Especially Epidemiology is plagued by researchers unconscious bias and participants health user and unhealthy user bias, and confounded with lying and lack of memory retention.

  • at 9:37 am

    I really need to work on this. I am so biased when it comes to other diets than WFPB that I have to force myself to watch something that is not overlapping with my expectations, ideas, and beliefs. I know this is bad, but at least recognizing this is a good start…
    Speaking of the devil, it would be great to see a review on the recently published carnivore diet study that was conducted by the Harvard Medical School, I think in 2020? As I know this was not an RCT trial, it was self-reporting. They gathered ppl from the carnivore communities on Facebook, Twitter, etc, they asked them to report what they eat, how they eat, and how they felt after 6 months. How strong this study is? I think if someone comes from a junk food diet even the carnivore diet could have great health results short term.

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