DHA Omega 3 Omega 6 Fatty Acids – Foods & Benefits – Vegan Nutrition

Now we are conversing about DHA, Omega 3 and Omega 6 Fatty Acids. Specifically about the ratio between omega 3 and omega 6 and why it truly is essential to have a wholesome stability. We also speak about some food items which have a nutritious equilibrium of omega fatty acids and added benefits. This is an essential chat for vegan health and fitness.

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27 thoughts on “DHA Omega 3 Omega 6 Fatty Acids – Foods & Benefits – Vegan Nutrition

  • at 4:48 pm

    Thanks for the info

  • at 1:30 pm

    I've been wanting to take DHA supplements because I figured it might help me with brain power because I am forgetful lately. I eat chia seeds a lot and it's really nice!

  • at 1:39 pm

    Beautiful woman

  • at 12:26 pm

    Nice video 👌

  • at 12:27 pm

    I have a question about the omega 3 ,6,9 . What is the requirements for daily basis for our body??you are real queen by your beautiful eyes and face.

  • at 11:58 pm

    Nice video, Irene, I'm new to being a vegan and looking for a way to replace my fish oil supplement. Thanks so much for the info!

  • at 9:48 pm

    i read that if you have to much of omega 6 in your body this wil cause a lot of inflammation in your body

  • at 11:50 pm

    ALA= LONG CHAIN & ESSENTIAL FATTY ACID. [Can't produce ourselves.] HEMP SEED, CHIA SEEDS, FLAX SEED, WALNUTS ETC. …….next: harder to come by is EPA. [marine oils + sea weeds.] [EX. COMBU, DULSE, NORI, ETC.]
    Can we convert these two Omega 3-types to DHA? yes we are designed to convert but we are not all created equal. ___ Something that can hinder the convertion process from ALA > EPA> DHA is: Old age and consuming to many Omega 6 rich foods. Can greatly hinder convertion from ALA > EPA > DHA in the body naturally. Vegan cheeses etc. are really packed with Omega 6. [Too much.] look out for an imbalance ratio between Omega 6 and Omega 3 to solve problems with inability to convert. 1:1 Omega 6 to 1 Omega 3 is a good ratio. Nuts and seeds are good to consume in moderation. Flax & chia seeds are good examples of foods that has a balanced ratio between 3/6 Omega's. Make sure to get enough Omega 3's and create this balance. The average person has way (!) too much Omega 6 in their diet [ratio.] + Take an algae based DHA supplement in addition. ✓optional. [some say it's a scam, but look into it for yourself.] 🙂 __

  • at 5:01 am

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us.

  • at 1:41 am

    A vegan who actually knows something about omega 3 fats, I am a little shocked. I actually clicked on this video expecting laughable stupidity as I have seen from so many other vegan sources on this topic in the past.

  • at 2:18 am

    Some people have a 'vegetarian gene' that controls the ALA conversion. Would be nice if 23andMe would check for it, so one day I will send my DNA code over to a place that will tell me how much of that gene I have.

  • at 6:52 am

    Thanks Irene…I was looking for vegan sources for my skin vitamins, and fatty acids…good informative video..:)

  • at 11:27 am

    My Omega Oil supplement contains 72mg-EPA
    Omega 6-Linolenic Acid-200mg
    Omega 9- Olecic Acid-200mg
    This is what it contains per serving, its seems like a low dossage to me from the info i have read and videos iv seen on youtube DHA and EPA should be alot higher than what i am taking. What do you think? Would it hurt to buy another omega 3 supplement to go along with the one im taking?

  • at 1:50 am

    This is great content. Been watching a lot of these cla, ala, epa, dha videos, and this is very well rounded, complimentary and simplified information to go with what I've been trying to learn. This brings it home for me so to speak. Thanks!

    And 😘 back at ya lol

  • at 1:13 am

    Jesus I JUST WANT TO KNOW how many grams of each to eat as a vegan. I've been researching for HOURS and all the articles say the same crap all they say is "don't eat as much Omega-6." I want to know EXACTLY how much to eat for both in grams. The only sources I found said 1.1g Omega 3 to 12g Omega 6!!! How is that right? That ratio is backwards. Can someone please just give me the numbers for a vegan. I'm so frustrated.

  • at 7:20 am

    Good job 👍👏

  • at 7:24 am

    Your office address

  • at 3:13 pm

    Its really a lot of Information

  • at 10:35 am

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  • at 7:20 am

    what about a dha/epa ratio? is dha more important than epa?

  • at 7:08 am


  • at 4:40 am

    Live a long happy life on carnivore diet

  • at 4:41 pm

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  • at 6:00 am

    Youre very sexy very feminine Great info thank you 👍🏻

  • at 7:34 am

    I generally avoid foods with omega 6 for health reasons (oils and foods prepared with oils). I don't think I'm getting enough because I barely reach 50% on cronometer most days. Omega 3, I'm getting over 400% some days…

  • at 7:37 am

    Do we check our ratios by 'grams' of omega 3 and 6? How many grams of each does the average woman need?

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