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Hello Beautiful Souls! In today’s video, I will be sharing how Fibromyalgia has changed my life! I no longer am able to consume meat and animal byproducts! Therefore, I have become a vegan. I will share a cooking vlog for a vegan meal I prepared using “Beyond Meat” crumbles in my penne pasta with marinara sauce. Needless to say, it was delicious and nutritious; but, for some reason I still prefer my veggies, hehe. I’m new to this Vegan life, but I am appreciating and loving it more each day!

Being Vegan is a lifestyle…….not a FAD!

At the end of the day, be YOU – vegan or not!  

If you have any vegan tips, tricks, or recipes, please feel free to share and comment!

Peace, Love, and Namaste.


Music Reference for my video:
Lust for Love – White Hex

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  • Rosie your video cuts out half way, just before you start cooking.
    If you like pineapple juice that is really good for you.
    In 2017 I had to go off everything but 1 medication. and the only reason I am on the one is cause I have been on it for 12 years and my body is dependant on it. It also helped control the seizures after the car accident (I don't think it was, and that's cause I know that everything happens for a reason).

    After that happened my son and I were fine and we walked away from a totaled trailblazer. Then by December I wanted to go see the neurologist. I know my body and I listen. I needed the referral from the PCP for my insurance to pay. She didn't sign for me to go until April 2018.
    My whole world flipped and if you want my honest to GOD and Creator of All true here it is;

    We slipped on leaves going around a slow turn that was covered in leaves. The back end went out we went on 2 wheels and started into the other lane to oncoming traffic, there were 4 cars heading right for the passenger side. You can ask how I still know how many there were and I will tell you in a different comment.
    My son was asleep and the cars were coming at him, I pulled him from the shirt away from the window, after that we were on the other side of the lane and hitting a tree, sideways.

    Shocking I know. But here is where it gets really weird. Where did those 4 cars go that were heading right for the passenger side, roughly 15ft away?
    Why did no one stop if there were cars coming? They saw us?
    Now I know that there are some A**holes that would just drive away but there were 4 cars? What happened?
    I think that we jumped timelines.

    I could write a whole book on my life from being in the womb to NDE's. (Yes I have had more than 1) but I think that people would think it false.

    Enjoyed watching you Rosie and I am so glad that you are doing okay and eating your veggies 🙂
    Keep up the great work! Love an Life! #WeAreAllStars