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Jay Shetty describes how turning vegan improved his daily life. He further more discusses how does it display good benefits in the extensive term as nicely. Jay Shetty is a British creator, former monk, life mentor, and a single of the most influential motivational speakers on social media now. Also a host of the quantity one health and fitness podcast worldwide ‘On Purpose with Jay Shetty’, Jay a short while ago became an creator and printed, ‘Think Like A Monk’ which went on to come to be a finest seller.
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32 thoughts on “How Turning Vegan Changed My Life ft. @Jay Shetty | TheRanveerShow Clips

  • at 4:44 am

    Q: When does ANY animal produce milk? Be it a cat, dog, horse, donkey, human being, cow, buffalo, zebra, giraffe, rhino, hippopotamus, elephant, etc.? A: ONLY when she has a baby.
    Q: Why has nature put that milk in her body? A: The baby doesn't have teeth so needs liquid nutrition. The milk is nutrition in liquid form for her newborn baby to grow very fast in a very short period of time.
    Q: So what is ANY milk? A: It's BABY food.
    Q: When you take milk from a cow/buffalo, what are you doing? A: Stealing the nutrition or food of a baby.
    Q: As a responsible, thinking, person, do you think this is appropriate? A: Hoping your answer will be, "Definitely not!" in which case it indicates that you are a compassionate person.
    Q: Then why is it that you're doing this? A: Because society has never allowed us to feel that it is a sin or a there’s something wrong in this. Above all else, it's an invisible dominant ideology with the majority of the people around the world practicing it, we never question it and participate in it blindly. In fact, society has conditioned us to accept this abuse, violence and exploitation as something normal.
    Q: How often (how many times a day) should ANY baby drink his/her mother's milk? A: Every two to three hours.
    Q: How much milk should ANY baby drink? A: As much as he/she wants. No mother or father ever tells the baby to stop drinking his/her mother’s milk. ONLY the BABY decides when to stop.
    Q: How often do we milk a cow/buffalo? A: Twice a day: in the morning and in the evening.
    Q: What happens because she's milked only twice a day? A: Her udder should actually be emptied every to three hours by the baby. So we're forcing her to accumulate milk for twelve hours in her udder. Can you imagine how painful that must be?

  • at 4:45 am

    Q: How much do we "allow" the baby to drink? A: Just enough to keep her alive if it's a female calf. Not at all if it's a male calf. The male calf is starved to death because he cannot produce milk when he grows up. Only the BABIES of any species decide how much and when to drink milk. A calf is no different, so who are we to tell the baby how much to drink?
    Q: How much milk would there be left for your cup of tea, dahi, pizza, butter, paneer, ice cream, gulab jamun, rasgolla, etc if the baby were left free with the mother 24X7 and allowed to drink as much as he/she wants whenever he/she is hungry? A: Nothing at all unless the mother has been selectively bred (which is abuse and torture) to produce an UNNATURALLY high amount of milk.
    Q: Tell me one animal that drinks milk as an adult. A: None. Apart from humans, lol. Milk is BABY food. That's what nature intended it to be, and apart from humans, all animals follow the law of nature.
    Q: Tell me one animal that drinks the milk of another species when it's an adult. A: None. Milk is baby food meant ONLY for the baby of that particular species. Nature has designed the milk of each species according to the needs of the baby of that species. So, A1 milk is meant for an A1 calf and A2 milk is meant for the baby of an A2 cow. The milk of a Jersey cow is meant for a Jersey calf and that of a Holstein cow for a Holstein calf. Dog milk for a puppy, cat milk for a kitten, rat milk for a rat's baby, elephant's milk for an elephant's baby, human milk for a human baby and so on.
    Q: What's the weight of a newborn human baby and what weight does he/she reach in a year? A: A human baby has an average weight of 3 kgs when born and achieves an average weight of 8-10 kgs in a year.
    Q: What's the weight of a newborn cow/buffalo's baby and what weight does he/she reach in a year? A: A cow/buffalo's baby has an average weight of 15 kgs when born and achieves an average weight of 130-140 kgs in a year.
    Q: What does nature say when the baby of any animal starts teething, and what changes start taking place in the body of that baby? A: Nature says, "Now that you can chew, you can get all your nutrition from semi-solid and solid food. You don't need liquid nutrition." So the body gradually stops producing lactase, the enzyme required to digest milk. That's why if you're "lactose intolerant" your body is normal. Almost everyone is naturally lactose intolerant and the body shows signs of bloating, rumbling, loose motions or diarrhea, acne, diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, PCOD, heart issues, auto immune diseases, etc. if you consume milk. (Also because milk contains saturated fats, cholesterol and hormones)
    Q: If a human baby of say three or four years is incapable of digesting human milk, do you think he/she will be capable of digesting the milk get to blow up a 20 kg calf to a 150 kg young cow/buffalo in a year or a year and a half? A: Very doubtful indeed.

  • at 11:13 am

    being vegetarian is best with satvic and ayurveda diet is best of people of indian sub continent. The milk should be from indian desi cow who is treated with love and care

  • at 1:20 pm

    Your head has been continuously up and down🤣

  • at 9:29 am

    I'm a 16 year old from himachal… I have been vegan for about an year now and I am loving it❤

  • at 11:55 am

    Feels good to see veganism rising😄

  • at 2:14 pm

    Is it a personal choice when their is a victim involved?

  • at 7:47 am

    Proud vegetarian!! Please switch into vegetarian everyone!!! It's a blessing for your own body & mind!

  • at 6:13 am

    These guys don't really know why they are vegan (jay)or vegetarian(Ranveer)
    I expected it from jay but really it disappointed me when he said it's Personal Choice to eat meat or drink milk , If you are really a vegan then it can only be for the animals because they are the victims when someone consumes animal products so these selfish pieces of shit just talk about fake spirituality and just think about their own benefit

  • at 8:52 am

    Tourchering , rape and murder is not a personal choice

  • at 2:21 pm

    Vegan for the animals ❤️

  • at 8:43 am

    Been vegan for 5 yrs
    Stronger than before
    From India 🇮🇳🙌🏻

  • at 11:46 pm

    It is your personal choice. What about the choice of animals who suffer from it?

  • at 10:52 pm

    Big thank you to all beautiful people out there who are vegan for the animals 🙏🏼🌸

  • at 6:23 am

    I was so luckily to get rid of my HSV 1 and HPV after using DR ALAHO OLU ON YOUTUBE herbal medication..

  • at 10:56 am


  • at 6:41 am

    My favourite speaker Jay genius. I love your speech very much.

  • at 7:34 pm

    I don't think Ranveer is really a vegetarian. WTF He lost muscle? haha. Unless he just started eating rice and excluded the chicken. I have been vegan for 10 years I eat a lot I am obese. I was atheletic before I was vegan but I grew obese binging 4000 calorie sandiwches made of slabs or butter cheese, bacon, salami, sausages while eating Double cheese burst mutton do pyaza pizza and chicken and seafood based chinese foods as a staple. I reverse a cancerous tumor, diabetes, PCS, Fibro, Anxiety. Allergies, migraines, blood pressure all of which I had gotten in the last 2 years before I realized it was my diet and went vegetarian and then vegan.
    I have still not lost muscle. I lost muscle when I was not a vegan as I had stopped exercising and was only eating. But after going vegan I never lost muscle for years. It took me almost a decade of absolutely not working out a desk job and over eating for me to actually lose my muscle.
    But everytime I try to lose weight and I just put on muscle from walking!! 130 kgs walking is quite stressfull on the calves and my muscle just grows like in a few weeks.
    I started to do pullup ones. I am too heavy to do one. So I would just hang and then got me some definition in my forearms in just 2 or 3 days.
    Once I tried really hard to do a pullup so I did a reverse pullup. Like I would jump up and get to the top and then let go as slowly as I could. It was really effective. I thought I would tear a muscle but I didn't and that I did for a week only the muscle I put on then it has been 3 years now. That muscle is still visible on my forearms.
    It is not me my friends notice it the muscle on my forearms they are like are you working out. I am sure muscle has grown in my biceps triceps but I have too much fat there for it to be visible.
    You can't us the "people are different" card with me. I have been skinny chubby kid (like I had less muscle but was fat but I did not look fat) then I started working out like crazy and became muscular and that time everyone would tell me "you can eat anything you will never put on weight it your genes'
    After grew fat they would tell me the same. You look ok you have good stamina(because of my previous workouts) insane strenghth. Maybe you should not worry about losing weight (this was when I was 96 kg around 20 kgs overweight) myabe your genes are like that you will not lose weight.
    This went on till I reached 120.
    I never took supplements or ate protein foods like eggs even when I used to workout thought I was an avid non-veg eater.
    So I never take high protein foods. I find this maybe the reason why some people lose muscle. They try to follow the high protein diet when they turn vegan.
    And then it will go downhill.
    As meat is a calorie dense food. So its gives you calories. While plant protein rich foods ar enot very calorie dense.
    So even if you try to eat high calorie protein foods you tend to burn more calories easily on a plant based diet(that is why ever loses weight. No me though cause I eat like a lot)
    Just eat a balance macro diet which is naturally balance. Like dal and rice and beans and your body will use the protein much better. And when you workout you will just put on muscle its like a miracle.
    Those who have listened to this fat man have also experienced the same benefits. So its not only me. Its like 2 inches in a month bodybuilders can only dream of that kind of gains.

  • at 2:25 pm

    bhai mundi km hila

  • at 12:02 pm

    See, Like I know this is gonna help, "If, IF i ever get married, I would definitely marry a women, who is vegan (ofc) and who is senior than me (i am 23 now, vegetarian from 21 and then turned vegan)

  • at 3:28 pm

    proud vegeterian….

  • at 5:33 pm

    I love veganism…I am not cuz I live with parents right now who are big meat eaters but I would choose a vegan meal over a steak any day! I want to find my soulmate who is vegan as it is easier to do with someone else!

  • at 5:38 am

    Vegetarian since my birth

  • at 4:29 am

    Jay is wearing "Sony WH-1000 XM4". No. 1 noise cancelling headphones🎧

  • at 5:11 pm

    3:53 the right word he was trying to use flum

  • at 6:20 pm

    I ate meat, dairy, eggs all my life.animal products were my favourite until I found out through social media what happens to the beings before they end up on our plates. I do activism and I never judge people for eating animal products, because I did too all my life Unconsciously. In activism we show people the truth, the videos and facts. We tell them that jf they don't like this, try vegan. And no person I've met till now Has given justification of choosing taste over life. The trick is to spread awareness. 99% people don't know what they're paying for this continue eating such products

  • at 8:29 am

    I'm also Vegan

  • at 7:04 pm

    personal choice smh – animals choice to life at the same time saying all life is created by the creator and saying it’s personal choice .

  • at 12:46 pm

    Good for you. i eat meat. you eat plants. lets enjoy our lives

  • at 2:49 am

    Yes i am also going to become vegetarian ….

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