HUGE Aldi Grocery Haul + Bomb VEGAN Meal Ideas! 🙌

Sharing my Aldi finds and vegan foods for the week! 💖

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Vegan Crab-Fewer Cakes Recipe – http://little
How To Make Vegan Taco Filling @2:36 – http://little

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33 thoughts on “HUGE Aldi Grocery Haul + Bomb VEGAN Meal Ideas! 🙌

  • at 5:25 am

    Hey vegan sister.. love your recipes. Use some fried potatoes with chipotle sauce on corn tortillas and pick de Gallo your vegan tacos next Time they are so good.

  • at 12:38 pm

    I’m not vegan but I am vegetarian. Trying to incorporate more vegan meals into my life on a budget. You’re a lifesaver!

  • at 5:15 pm

    Great video! I also made a video about aldi if you wanna check it out:)

  • at 11:57 am

    Fyi Aldi is not knock off their products are European foods. Its also same company as trader Joes food is cheaper because it comes from Europe that shows you how much america marks up everything…

  • at 12:49 am

    You're such an inspiration!!

  • at 5:18 pm

    No girl tajin is for like fruit or just like to give it a like and spicy taste to your fruit

  • at 9:07 pm

    Aldi and Trader Joe’s are own by the same people. Sometimes they may have some items from Trader Joes

  • at 9:48 pm

    I'm not vegan but these are some really good ideas because I'm trying my best to cutt the meat out.

  • at 8:54 pm

    I love Aldi! Can you do a video on vegan work lunch ideas? Something that can be eaten cold from the fridge or easily reheated in the microwave?

  • at 2:14 pm

    From beauty to health your very helpful, thank you so much, I'm a fan

  • at 4:57 am

    Love your videos! 💕

  • at 8:01 pm

    I wouldn't use the tajin (ta-hin) for tacos just because its pretty tart and sour it's better for fruits and veggies like corn:)

  • at 4:24 pm

    Omg the way your mind works creating great vegan meals so effortlessly! Thank you for sharing your thought process! I really like this video format where you plan it out loud and provide a pic of the result ✌💜

  • at 1:04 pm

    bruhhh, blend the tropical mix with their agave and spring water… you’ll thanks me later!!!

  • at 12:53 pm

    Have you tried mushrooms for fake crabmeat? I can't remember but I think one of the Lions Mane mushroom is used like that. Just started getting into the different tastes and textures. Fun experimenting.

  • at 7:18 pm

    I LOVE eating rice with spaghetti sauce.

  • at 8:53 pm

    Love your video
    Do not use Tajin for cooking it's meant to be use as a topping for some fruits.

    You can make Paletas/popsicles of fresh fruit and add Tajin. So tasty!!!!

    Also try making a fresh delicious salsa for tacos
    I'm sure you will love it

    -Habanero peppers (take seeds and veins off if you dont eat hot food) 1 Habanero its enough to begin with. it gives the salsa a way delicious flavor than regular jalapeño/serrano peppers!!!

    – Roma tomatoes 2 for 1 Habanero Peppers

    -Garlic cloves to your taste
    I love garlic so I add alot🤣

    -White onion Half

    -Cilantro to taste

    -salt to taste

    Boil everything except the CILANTRO for less than 5 minutes if you want the salsa to have a fresher taste.

    Put in the blender what you boiled add salt to taste and cilantro blend using the pulse setting so you can have control of the salsa consistency either a chunky salsa or a very pureed salsa. ENJOY

  • at 4:55 am

    Please don’t tell me you actually used the Tajin as taco seasoning?!!! It’s used for fruit or alcoholic beverages for a spicy, salty, lemony taste. I wan to know how it tastes on the tacos though? Lol I love your videos though you have an awesome energy and great ideas please don’t take this as a hate comment.

  • at 11:36 pm

    You are so beautiful. Thank you for the great meal ideas.

  • at 4:46 pm

    I needed this reminder about Aldi! There's literally one less than a mile away and I forget about them. They are a competitive grocery store and owned by the same company as Trader Joe's. Had you gone to another store you would have paid way more than that!

  • at 6:24 am

    $60? Dang! That’s so cheap. My stores here in Colorado would add up to around $80 and back it Honolulu that’d be around $90-$100 !!

  • at 6:06 pm

    Never thought of using tajin for tacos. I used them on my fruits. It's the only way my daughter eats her fruits. So good though.

  • at 5:53 pm

    This video was great for me! I’m looking for what foods to shop for while I’m doing No 🥛 No meat 🥩 for a month challenge!

  • at 1:37 am

    Great haul!!!! but can we talk about the wig….. I'm loving that color absolutely beautiful…………

  • at 9:09 pm

    Aldi sells green onions on the top shelf at the beginning of the refrigerated produce section 👍🏽

  • at 6:19 pm

    Do you remember the color of ur hair in this video @chicnatural

  • at 2:58 pm

    Can you make a video about your fasts? I looked I didn't see any.

  • at 1:54 pm

    Going vegan praying I can stick to it 😭😭😭

  • at 9:08 pm

    Very nice options.

  • at 4:58 pm

    thank you for this! new subscriber here for sure <3

  • at 2:09 am

    "Spanish rice" That was so far from Spanish 🤣🤣🤣. Tried a few recipes and loved them 😁 Thank you!

  • at 3:00 am

    I am vegan I just went back to my old way of eating when I got married I tried my wife food and started eating meat and after 6 years I gained 150 pounds in one year of making the change back to vegan I lost over 100 pound and I am still going strong. You are so interesting to watch and learn from I am still getting used to cooking vegan but it is coming back God bless you and all your family.

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