Vegan Kitchenware Guide

Small Appliances


This is probably the cheapest and most flexible kitchen device. They are a great addition to making fruit smoothies. Check out Black+Decker which makes a very affordable unit that’s has a glass jar.

Food Processors

Our page on food processors has a lot of information about how to use them. They will really help in chopping, grating and shredding any kinds of food. There are very many companies that manufacture food processors but Hamilton beach inexpensive model is an excellent choice.

Instant Pot

Instant pots are pressure cookers with a digital controller for additional uses. If you get tired of hours spent cooking, this appliance will help you prepare any foods with the least amount of time. Instant pots are perfect for making beans, rice, making soup, making vegan yogurt, and steaming vegetables. Buy a three-quart model if you are a family of two to three people and a six-quart or eight-quart model for larger families.

Slot Toasters

Sandwiches taste much better with toast bread. A slot toaster should be an inexpensive device to buy because even the simplest does the job. has a various assortment of toasters you can purchase.

Blendtec Blenders

This is an advanced blender which is several times more powerful and does so much more. It can be used to liquefy vegetables and herbs into yummy soup or grind thick sauce and nut cheese which an ordinary blender can’t do. Although pricey this is a good investment in your kitchen and your only regret will be only you didn’t buy sooner enough. Blendtec prices range from expensive to super expensive, therefore, go what you can afford. Consider one that has a Wildside jar, as they are best.

Toaster Ovens

They are great for baking small meals. Do not toast bread with it and use a slot toaster instead. Amazon’s assortment for toaster oven options.

Rice Cookers

If you want your rice to come out perfectly buy a rice cooker. It will save you the agony of tracking the progress of the rice now and then. Do not risk buying super cheap rice cookers as they do not deliver good results, rather opt for the best inexpensive full-featured rice cooker.


For reheating foods, a microwave is perfect. Ensure it has an inbuilt carousel which is needed for heating as well. Check out selection of microwaves.


If you usually have great mixing needs this the tool for you. For lesser mixing a food processor, blender or a cheap immersion blender will do the job.

Bread Machines

This appliance delivers freshly-baked bread without the usual hustle of using an oven. There are bread machines for one-pound loaves for those with small families. Check out Bread Machines on Amazon.

Electric Grills

Get an indoor electric grill that has removable plates for easy cleaning. It is great for making delicious vegetables. Check out Cuisinart GR-4N which we highly recommend.


Get yourself a low-speed masticating juicer which makes better nutritious juice. Avoid taking fruit juice because it contains a lot of sugars and no fiber and instead make vegetable juice and include greens.

Knives & Cutlery

Knife: This is a very basic essential item that will make your cooking experience interesting. A good knife goes a long way while preparing meals, therefore invest in good quality knives. You will need three knives:

  1. Chef’s Knife:Might be the most essential knife in the kitchen
  2. Paring Knife:This will save you the stress of peeling items
  3. Bread Knife: Is good for cutting bread but a lifesaver when chopping tomatoes as it helps to not smoosh them.

Get this Victorinox 4-piece knife set with Fibrox handles or order:



Get a saucepan that is stainless steel and has a glass lid. Check and a two quart model by Cook N Home for more options.


Teflon is an old surface but there are newer better materials like ceramic polymer skillets which last longer and do not react with heat. However, do not use metal utensils on them. Consider investing in a good quality one. The Ozeri’s  12-inch Stone Earth Frying Pan is of high quality and is very durable.


A wok is better than a frying pan if you are into making a lot of vegetables. The 14-inch Cuisinart wok that has a lid has a beautiful look and is very easy to clean.

Bakeware & Casserole Dishes

Lasagna is best made in an oblong glass dish. Stoneware casserole dishes have lids are the best.

Baking Sheets

Baking sheets are needed to make roasted vegetables, pastries, cookies and so much more. Get a heavyduty aluminum model because it is light, of quality and even-heating.

Other Kitchen Essentials

Cutting Boards

You only need one chopping board unless you will be making meals with another person. When shopping, go for a polyresin board rather than wood which tends to absorb a lot of fluids and residue from ingredients being chopped. Polyresin board is also very easy to clean. You can choose whichever size you like but get a board that is large enough to not have vegetables spilling on the surface.

Mixing Bowls

You can purchase Plastic or Stainless steel bowls they both work perfectly.

Coffee, Tea, & Espresso

Get a coffee maker that is inexpensive but does the job. A burr grinder or a fancier model if your budget permits are models to consider. Remember a cheap grinder makes uneven grind coffee which is awful.

Food Storage Containers

Use either glass or plastic containers to store leftovers, mixing salads, or carrying packing food to school or to work. They are good when storing potato chips, nuts, pretzels and other snacks after removing from their bags.

Assorted Gear & Utensils

To finish up the list, every kitchen needs:


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