Low Country Chicken Bog vegan recipes| Chef Joya |history rich food #youtubeblack #soulfood

Hey Enjoys!

I know numerous of you are like what is “ Chicken Bog” or “isn’t it just hen and rice?” Newborn no! It’s an astounding rice dish from the Very low State that is totally tasty and wealthy in heritage.
Some make it very uncomplicated and some others make it with a complete whole lot of taste and you by now know which 1 I went with. My close friend suggests this was her favorite dish when she went to school in Florence and she hasn’t had it considering the fact that she stopped consuming meat so I had to whip this food up and deliver back again some of those superior time reminiscences.

I’ll update this reel with the recipe so be confident to preserve it so you can make this at home. Notify me some more of your preferred meals that is hooked up to fantastic memories and we’ll see if which is the subsequent thing I veganize. Somebody you know will love this so really feel free to share.

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