My Top Meal Prep Tips!

My Leading Meal Prep Suggestions!
🥔Pre-steamed potatoes!
Use up any potatoes that you have that are from the 7 days before and lower off any sprouted bits, steam them (complete) for 5 minutes in the fast pot or on the stove in a steamer basket until fork tender. Location in a bowl (uncovered) in the fridge to make into fries, potato scramble or hash browns all through the 7 days.
Use 2 cup containers and add in your preferred veggies with a little seasoning. I like to make small salads with tomatoes, cucumbers and a lemon wedge on the aspect. Sick increase frozen cauliflower, peas and corn and a tiny garlic salt or curry powder or any veggies I like to seize and warmth up with my meals for my 50/50 plate.
Generally have pressed tofu in the fridge! Pressed tofu will soak up marinade so significantly improved and make your tofu a a great deal superior texture when it is cooked. All my food program associates know this is key! IYKYK 😉
Make a big pot of your beloved soup, chili or curry to have geared up for the times you get house from a extended day and are also fatigued to cook. Some of my favorites to make are my chickpea noodle soup, crimson lentil chili, potato soup and bean chili. All these recipes are absolutely free on my web site

If you want much more support with food prep and would like a uncomplicated meal plan that is geared towards bodyweight loss check out my regular monthly food system membership🍝
I hope this was helpful! Get into the habit of meal prep! Your foreseeable future self will thank you every time you open up your fridge and have anything to take in 🥰

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7 thoughts on “My Top Meal Prep Tips!

  • at 4:06 pm

    These are rhe basics I should have learned long ago. I do it now and it saves so much time and you still have the freedom to have different options at every meal. I use to do batch cooking but found I got bored on day 2 eating the same dish. Thank you Hannah!

  • at 4:34 pm

    Hi! When you say "steam for 5 minutes" are you using the steam button? I have been doing manual pressure on high for about 11 minutes, but if I can cook potatoes for 5 minutes, that would be amazing!

  • at 5:16 pm

    What is the salad dressing in the small container?

  • at 5:45 pm

    Welcome to shorts queenn 💕💕

  • at 6:46 pm

    Hannah, are you okay? I can't help but notice your puffy dark circles under your eyes and you look exhausted or unwell…

  • at 3:58 pm

    Love your hair are you still living in the tiny house?

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