Proof Vegan diet is unhealthy and unnatural, you wouldn’t want Pernicious Anemia and b 12 is only is only found in animals source foods.
by Peter Caine

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  • I think as long as someone takes the necessary steps to prevent deficiency (taking effective supplements, eating fortified foods, or both), I don't have a problem with them. It's irresponsible to not look into nurituion, especially if you are choosing to give your children a vegetarian/vegan diet. One could argue that it's unnatural to not eat meat, but a fair amount of developed countries do have access to supplements, and because of that a vegan/vegetarian diet isn't inherently unhealthy. It's the people making crappy choices and not doing research that can make it become unhealthy.

  • Rockstar energy drinks have 100% daily value of B12, can you imagine vegetarians hopped up on that much caffeine everyday… I shouldn't have said that, they're going to get real crazy now. I am also not a fan of anti hunters, especially the ones that eat meat. An anti hunting vegetarian I am cool with at least they are practicing what they preach but hunters are sourcing their meat from a far more eco friendly and sustainable source than farmed animals. Plus hunting license proceeds go back to nature and wildlife, states and countries use the proceeds to buy land and open it to the public or to fight poachers. Even the trophy hunters, I hunt for meat, I haven't bought store meat for 5 or 6 years now, but even the trophy hunters are helping. Some people spend tens of thousands of dollars or more just to try to get a trophy of a life time and that money goes back to help the whole population, especially in some of these 3rd world countries that have poaching problems, African countries couldn't fund antipoaching efforts without the very large amount of money they get from the people legally hunting the animals. Trophy hunters are better than anti hunting meat eaters.

  • If you turn vegan, people have to go out of their way to live around you, eg if you're going out together wig some friends, there will be few places completely vegan friendly, so your friends have to work around you!

  • I am not vegan or vegetarian. But based on my studies of B12, sea vegetables such as Nori, and some grains contain B12. So do some spices. Allspice being ;the top spice containing B12. It is also made via bacterial synthesis in the gut. I personally know many very healthy 10 yr plus vegans.

  • B12 is sourced from bacteria. In the olden days, we got b12 from drinking unprocessed groundwater, unwashed root vegetables and meat.
    In the modern age, most people, vegan or not, should be supplementing b12. Fortified plant milks typically provide a quarter to half of your daily B12 requirement in one 8 ounce serving.

    What about other essential nutrients? Do you put any thought into if you’re getting your daily requirements of vitamins and minerals, particularly ones that are more abundant in plants?

    I think it’s a little unfair to debunk an entire lifestyle of reducing harm to animals, people and the environment just because we have to supplement one essential vitamin.

  • The final nail of the coffin for veg diets is the fact that alot of vegetables have antinutrient properties. Animal products are more bio available. It is almost impossible to get a good source of fat on a veg diet unless you plan on taking shots of olive oil. Its just silly now that I think about it.

  • you are made of flesh and fat so you need to eat flesh and fat, keep the calories low and protein at moderate levels and fat high and you will live a fuller life with fewer health issues. think of a modified keto diet that allows you to eat all the veggies you want but keep the carbs low, the fat high and animal protein moderate.

  • The b12 your getting from animal products is substituted into the animals food. Why not just go vegan instead of filtering your vitamins through animals? There's nothing wrong with supplements it's impossible to avoid them in these days. Excuses to be lazy

  • 50% of Americans are deficient in vitamin A and D and C. Most doctors recommend everyone take a multivitamin, which is a supplement. So people who eat meat need to take supplements as well, I don’t see the issue with taking a b12 supplement if you’re vegan, if your only argument is that the vegan diet is unhealthy because you need to supplement a single vitamin(b12) isn’t it also the case with meat eaters who should supplement vitamins they’re low in as well?

  • The only thing I would add is that many of my vegan friends are vegan not necessarily for a healthy diet, but to not support the animal cruelty of factory farming livestock. Yes, the Trump trophy hunting idiots are jerks. Nice vid.

  • Regardless of your diet choices, I have a hard time believing the majority is getting everything they need in their diets. My step dad doesn't even touch fruits and vegetables. Seems quite unhealthy to me.

  • I have to take supplements because of malabsorption issues. I do get B-12 shots and have levels checked regularly with the dr. But my son is vegan 🌱 and he’s finding it hard to get all he needs to support his body.

  • Where do animals get B12? Are you not an animal? Where does the cow, that eats nothing but grass, get their B12? Common sense seems to go out the window with meat eaters trying to justify their destructive habits

  • I've seen some of your posts lately. You are too comfortable in your ignorance. Ew. I will say your raven videos are hilarious but you need to get a grip brother

  • Been a major hunter for over 45 years and stopped hunting. not for moral reasons. Went pescatarian , not giving up fish/fishing. Inners never felt better. Do not know why i changed.

  • B12 is not produced by animals its produced by bacteria animals eat or drink non grazing factory farmed animals are given b12 supplements to keep them healthy how about you do some research before making a video about something you have no idea about

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