Simon Hill PROVES The Merits of A PLANT-BASED DIET | Rich Roll Podcast

Nutritionist & podcast host Simon Hill joins Prosperous to bust diet plan myths & verify why a plant-primarily based food plan is best for human and planetary well being. To peruse the evidentiary guidance offered by Simon to back his claims, click on the ‘References’ tab in close proximity to the base of the present notes web site here👉🏾https://little
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00:00:00 – Intro
00:03:24 – Simon Hill Starts
00:05:23 – Strategy Science Objectively
00:07:20 – Simon’s Father was a scientist PhD, grew up all around details / investigation
00:12:13 – Witnessed Dad struggling a serious heart attack as a teenager
00:17:29 – Cardiovascular illness runs in the loved ones. But are genetics the ultimate term?
00:20:40 – Lifestyle is 4x a lot more powerful than genetics
00:21:34 – Required to turn into a physician but opted for Physiotherapist and Nutritionist
00:29:43 – Acquires a Masters in Nutritional Science
00:31:09 – Simon’s optimal diet plan thesis.
00:32:27 – Ancel Keys / various ‘similar’ eating plans
00:33:38 – “The Common Western Diet plan is the food plan that’s provoking disorder the most”
00:34:50 – Not all Science is equivalent. Comparing accessible evidence / scientific studies
00:38:45 – Flemming and the discovery of Penicillin
00:47:39 – Tribalism / The War of Tips surrounding nutritional facts. on social media
00:51:04 – “What does “do your very own research” imply to you?”
00:54:36 – A ‘plant-predominate’ to a ’plant exclusive’ diet is ideal
00:57:21 – The importance of Fiber and The Microbiome
00:58:59 – Publicity to phytochemicals: polyphenols: curcumin, resveratrol
01:01:55 – The electric power of the Microbiome
01:04:09 – A much more various microbiome is related with much better health and fitness
01:06:51 – Butyrate and endothelial cells / gut lining permeability
01:07:46 – Dysbiosis / the increase of autoimmune circumstances
01:10:33 – Professor Christopher Gardner / The Sonnenburg Lab
01:19:00 – Can I take a look at the range of my Microbiome?
01:21:38 – Raw, unpasteurized Kombucha are best
01:22:45 – The reduction of saturated body fat / the influence on LDL cholesterol / Atherosclerosis
01:29:34 – The increased your LDL, the increased the threat of creating Cardiovascular disease
01:34:02 – Ancel Keys blamed for the ‘Low Fat’ rules unveiled in the 1980’s
01:37:21 – Ancel Keys’ history of analysis / 7 Region Research and prior get the job done in the late 1950’s
01:43:06 – Controversy: ‘The Pure Study’ and the Carnivore Diet regime
01:45:57 – The Overall health implications of oil in the food plan / Omega 3’s & Omega 6’s
01:54:59 – Inside the Vegan group: Split: Olive Oil – sure or no?
02:00:09 – Thoughts on Keto, Paleo, Lower carb…
02:11:47 – The Massive Protein concern.
02:14:08 – Frequent misconceptions of protein.
02:17:09 – Andrew ‘Spudfit’ Taylor
02:18:08 – Plant protein bioavailability / absorption
02:33:20 – Exceptionally involved with an ‘all meat’ Carnivorous diet plan
02:38:24 – Professor Loren Cordain: “Father of The Paleo Diet”
02:44:29 – Mendelian Randomization: Nature’s randomized controlled trial
02:49:40 – Implications of food items selections / eating plan on the well being of the earth
02:50:58 – The inefficiencies of manufacturing facility farming
02:56:46 – Regenerative Agriculture
03:01:09 – Simon’s Plant Evidence podcasts with Nicholas Carter
03:10:52 – Documentary: “Rewilding A Mountain”
03:14:14 – Simon’s new e-book: “The Evidence Is in the Plants”
03:17:50 – Simon is donating e book gains to Jimmy Half Slice
03:19:18 – Simon on social media
03:20:30 – Simon’s Bondi Beach front Cafe “Eden”

* * * * *

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40 thoughts on “Simon Hill PROVES The Merits of A PLANT-BASED DIET | Rich Roll Podcast

  • at 3:10 pm

    Thanks for watching! To dig deeper, Simon provided a comprehensive list of studies and resources to support his statements, which you can find on the episode of page of my website under the tab 'References' (near the bottom of the page) here:

  • at 8:15 pm

    Very interesting talk. However, having just listened to Dr Zach Bush talking about the detriments of statins on the cell wall I was a little taken aback when I heard Simon suggesting that statins should be taken in order to lower LDL. I'd love to get some clarity on this point.🤔

  • at 6:32 am

    Simon makes some insightful comments on different types of studies and mentions how lab studies zooming in on mechanisms and such is a lower value than health outcome studies. It's good to make that distinction but not quite the right qualification that one is more valuable and one is less. Colin Campbell spends a lot of effort addressing this appropriately in his book Whole.

    Something to look out for is that failing to study mechanisms and refusing to look under the microscope just leaves blind speculation/hypotheses as the beginning of the scientific process (or they're based on the experience of what's typical/common behavior). There's a balance that we should be seeking – large observational studies would be limited to traditional experiences without mechanistic studies to suggest fundamental shifts in behavior.

    His comments on the themes in healthy diets are built on a history of all types and scales of scientific studies. The high level view and the microscope are both needed; the challenge is to always aim toward a helpful balance – we're never going to be on a perfect balance, hopefully we can teeter back and forth.

  • at 1:32 pm

    Thank you for this wealth of information! Beautiful podcast.

  • at 10:41 am

    This is GOLD!!!! Thank you both so much

  • at 3:53 pm

    what about picles for a fermented food source?

  • at 12:39 pm

    Strange times we live today , so many different opinions , so many different studys with different conclusions…who is right ?? ohh crazy times.

  • at 12:09 am

    It appears that neither of you (Simon, Rich) are aware that the Standard Western/American Diet is a plant-based diet (70%-ish).

  • at 4:28 pm

    Great video.

  • at 8:45 pm

    26 min in. This is not looking good

  • at 6:51 pm

    Its very sad that he does not understand that its not whether or not the fat is saturated or not that makes is good or bad. Coconut oil is very good.

  • at 7:50 pm

    60% of what a cow digest is animal fats, and 40 % of what the gorilla digests is animal fats.

  • at 8:11 pm

    Not a word about roundup

  • at 8:29 pm

    2:42:14 What he is saying here is totally wrong

  • at 8:57 pm

    Sheep eat grass. You want to eat grass?

  • at 9:31 pm

    Goats can do miracles for land , if you dont know

  • at 11:48 pm

    I totally agree with the other comments about the excellent content of this interview. I will add only this: I really appreciated the low-key, thoughtful tone and pace of the conversation. It gave my brain the space to slow down and actually process the information I was taking in. Such a relief from all the frenzy and hype. Thank you so much for believing in the intelligence of your audience.

  • at 10:41 am

    36:47 Right at the outset, both people misunderstanding that 'in vitro' does NOT mean animal studies!!
    Suspicions raised already!

  • at 2:46 pm

    FOOD is MEDICINE…balance is key… everyone is unique in what WORKS for them…I need meat protein in small amounts…I have done all kinds of diets…
    As long as what you are putting in is not from a box with tons of preservatives you are making good choices! Fast food is another nightmare in itself… HEALING starts with nutrition…

  • at 11:49 pm

    Interesting! 🤔

  • at 11:53 pm

    How? Does he not use long term scientific test studies and if so longer then 10 years what exactly scientifically did they discover?

  • at 3:26 am

    Simon is pro vegetable oil, but he’s anti-ultra-processed foods. Aren’t vegetable oils highly processed? Also, if he eats dairy, he would not be vegan would he?

  • at 11:26 pm

    Simon Hill…Brilliant!!!

  • at 12:45 am

    I am posting under my husband's account (I'm Tina). I read your book and a few others from plant based athletes. I wish you would do a series on female plant based athletes. It's really tough to get enough iron, protein, and calcium, esp if we don't want to eat fake meat (but even then it's tough). I think harder for women, esp perimenopause or menopause bc we need to be extra careful with calcium and we lose a lot of iron with heavier periods. But I've been struggling with this for years and actually even my husband had weak bones despite a healthy diet, probably from almost no calcium (per a doctor's eyes during hip resurfacing surgery). After 3 years of eating vegan, we went back to limited quantities of meat and still aren't getting enough of any of the above. This is based on testing for iron and bone scans for calcium, despite what looks like a very healthy diet of 95% veggies, fruits, whole grains, nuts and seeds. The rest is fish (e.g., one half piece of salmon on a salad for dinner, maybe a little yogurt, otherwise all plant-based). Plus getting enough protein is really tough, even though I know a lot of plants have protein. Still not easy and I'm very careful.

  • at 8:27 am

    we need more greenhouse gases.

  • at 4:52 am

    Loved this podcast. Can anyone link a discussion covering ancestral eating/evolution and plant based diets? This seems to be a driving argument in the pro animal foods space

  • at 1:12 am

    my grandma said at xmas dinner that just switching from milk to oat/almond milk drastically reduced her cholesterol level in a very short time. Dairy is scary! (look up the video by that title for a real mindblower)

  • at 2:45 am

    A plant based diet that gave me type 2 diabetes in the first place. I now will continue to eat meat, eggs, cheese, fish, and drink milk no matter what the vegan hate trolls say, or the so called peer reviewed studies they link to, or what any vegan propaganda video says. Eating meat and choosing your own diet is a HUMAN RIGHT! Humans have been hunting and harvesting meat and cooking and eating meat since they mastered fire since the stone age. Interesting how no vegan mentions "crop deaths" in the harvest and the making of vegan fake food. There is no way I could do this on a vegan diet….

  • at 5:26 am

    Sorry Simon, I am not impressed by a 30 something, who doesn't work a 9 till 5 job, saying " look how fit I am" it's easy the be fit in your thirties. Even on a bad diet.when you are n your 70's with a normal slog of a job, responsibility of a family. Maybe I will be impressed.

  • at 4:04 am

    Your bringing me back to my family.

  • at 7:38 am

    life saver thank you

  • at 2:44 am

    Comparing to human diversity 1:05 THANK YOU! Brilliant!

  • at 3:05 pm

    This guest is so full of shit. Atherosclerosis is not caused by dietary cholesterol. It’s caused by chronic inflammation from either infections in the body that don’t heal or from consumption of sugar and carbs that cause inflammation, and consuming seed oils. Animal fats heal atherosclerosis and prevent heart disease.

  • at 3:09 pm

    When your guest is pushing the statins for heart disease, then your guest is bought and sold by the same people who are pushing a WFPB vegan diet. WFPB is a grand deception, propaganda so that big Pharma can capitalize off a sick society. WFPB is not the solution, it is the cause.

  • at 3:12 pm

    Everything out of Simon Hill’s mouth is patently false and propaganda. He’s lying to you to support a diet that will destroy your health so he can keep selling you solutions on how to eat healthy on a vegan diet, which is a dead end proposition.

Comments are closed.