Testing Breakfasts from different Countries for a Week (India, Japan, Mexico…) – vegan

Hi there there, it really is been a moment! Get prepared for a week of mouth watering new recipes!
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For this movie, I challenged myself to recreate 1 breakfast from a distinctive state, just about every working day for one particular week straight. Recreating them to be vegan that is! So these could possibly not always be 100% authentic all of the time (also mainly because I improvised right here and there), but super tasty ! These days we’re searching at breakfast from Mexico, England, India, Finland, Japan, Italy and Portugal!
It was so amazing making an attempt these new tips, I learned so much! Do allow me know in the opinions: Which common breakfasts really should I try upcoming time?

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intro :00

All the notes, measurements and ingredients can be identified in the pinned comment! 🙂

#1 Fast Chilaquiles :49

#2 Japanese Breakfast 5:51

#3 Overnight Focaccia 9:14

#4 Berry Rye Porridge 12:43

friday was random 15:09

#5 Full English Breakfast 15:25

#6 Dosa & Sambar 16:15

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24 thoughts on “Testing Breakfasts from different Countries for a Week (India, Japan, Mexico…) – vegan

  • at 12:54 pm

    How's your English THIS good?? and thanks for the ideas! 🙂

  • at 1:21 pm

    Das sieht alles mega lecker aus! Ich kanns gar nicht erwarten, dass in den Semesterferien mal auszuprobieren. Außerdem hab ich mich in deine Jacke verliebt (so ~ 18:30 min) – würdest du verraten, woher die ist? Ganz liebe Grüße aus Hannover & Guten Rutsch!

  • at 1:49 pm

    Egyptian or Lebanese breakfast. They are usually vegan like falafel and hummus or fava beans

  • at 2:39 pm

    Omg she did put an Italian song lmfao. I’m Italian and I hate Italian music so much (yes, I’m edgy)

  • at 3:18 pm

    "Lingonberry" is broken Swedish/English for *red currents*. Again: those are red currents. There's no such thing as "Nordic cranberries" (cranberries are something different all together and don't grow in Nordic countries).

  • at 4:21 pm

    I barely make it out of bed with enough time to feed my cats, I don't know how so many cultures cook a full meal for breakfast.

  • at 10:46 pm

    Oh no we don't eat focaccia we eat cookies and other pastries 😂

    Ok i googled it and what the f Genova 😂

  • at 11:35 pm

    Mm that Sambar needs a redo lol but good effort😆 it’s good for people to learn other cuisines and give recognition so really good job and shukriya

  • at 1:23 am

    Hey Mina, you don't put soysauce in miso soup. The miso itself is already enough for taste. Not to mention the sodium content. 😂 Nevertheless, love your video as always , sending love from Tokyo 🥰

  • at 3:09 am

    Awesome video!

  • at 3:31 am

    Pretty sure the Portuguese tarts are meant to look that way, at least I’ve never seen any without the crater. Can’t wait to try them!

  • at 1:43 pm

    You looked so much like a beautiful Anne Hathaway in princess diaries in the video thumbnail 🤯 (this is a compliment!)

  • at 3:09 pm

    For a sri lankan breakfast you can try making kiribath! It's already vegan, I actually ate it today because it's traditional to eat it on new year's day. You serve it with some salty condiments for example lunu miris or seeni sambol, and something sweet like jaggery. But as a kid I just ate it on it's own it's so good

  • at 6:39 pm

    Watching Haus Anubis during cooking, einfach Classic

  • at 8:26 pm

    Here in Argentina, people keep it really simple… just some coffee/tea with a drop of milk/mate or mate cocido (a drink that's similar to tea made with yerba mate [mate herbs]) with facturas (different types of pastry, more specifically medialunas, which is similar to a crossaint, but smaller, more airy and moist if done the right way)…and given that many Argentians are of Italian descent, we also dip the pastries/cookies/bread in our drinks hahah..
    But in my case, I usually eat fruit and yogurt as a breakfast, I'm used to it and I find it to be healthier 😊

  • at 8:49 am

    You should try turkish breakfast. It is legendary around the world and we have pretty basic, vegan friendly recipes. For example you can try menemen or kuymak… But if you google Turkish breakfast you'll see how rich it is.

  • at 10:25 am

    sambar dosa my beloved

  • at 10:42 am


  • at 10:45 am


  • at 11:24 am

    I really loved this one, mina! Please keep going ☺️

  • at 1:10 pm

    The hebbar's kitchen is literally all over the world

  • at 1:15 pm

    Abt the sambar, its actually supposed to be liquid.. Its not a mix of all vegetables and its not a curry <3.. Its just like soup so you basically dip that dosa in sambar but I don't recommend that, ig you can make coconut chutney with dosa and istg it tastes so much better!! <3.. Sambar is actually served with idly and I rly think you should try idly with sambar <3 : D ILY ♡

  • at 7:36 pm

    Yooo you got me with those eggs man. For a minute there I thought you stopped being vegan! 😮😅

  • at 7:55 pm


    #1 Quick Chilaquiles 0:49

    1 tbsp neutral oil
    1 small onion
    1/2 tsp red pepper flakes (or to taste!)
    ¼ tsp paprika
    ¼ tsp black pepper
    a dash of cumin and coriander
    1 ½ tsp sugar or maple syrup
    3 tbsp tomato purée
    1 tbsp flour
    ½ cup (125m) vegetable broth
    A few tbsp water, to adjust the consistency

    6-8 small corn tortillas
    ¼ cup (60ml) frying oil (for example sunflower)

    Vegan Eggs:
    40g glutinous rice flour/regular rice flour (¼ cup + 1 tbsp)
    60ml vegan cream, cuisine or milk (¼ cup)
    60ml soy yogurt, unsweetened (¼ cup)
    A pinch of salt
    1 tsp rice vinegar
    a pinch of kala namak for serving (optional)
    1 tbsp oil for the pan
    6 – 8 yellow/orange cherry tomato tips
    → Yields 6 – 8 fried eggs

    for serving: (use what you want here)
    vegan sour cream
    1 avocado
    1-2 handfuls of cilantro
    vegan cheese of choice
    fresh lime juice
    → serves 2

    #2 Japanese Breakfast 5:51

    300g silken tofu (10,5oz)
    1/2 cup (125ml) water
    1 tbsp sugar
    1/2 cup (60g) chickpea flour
    2 tbsp (14g) rice flour
    1/3 tsp baking powder
    1 tsp nutritional yeast
    1/3 tsp salt
    1 tsp soy sauce
    1/8th tsp turmeric
    Oil for the pan
    optional: a pinch of kala namak, added right before serving
    → Yields about 6 omlette layers! I recommend doing 3 and 3 – so you have 2 rolls total

    Adapted this recipe here: https://okonomikitchen.com/tamagoyaki/

    Miso Soup:
    1-2 pieces of dried kombu or 1-2 nori sheets
    2 cups water (500ml)
    2 spring onions
    1 handful of mushrooms
    ½ block firm tofu (100g)
    1 carrot, cut into noodles
    1 tbsp miso paste
    1 tsp soy sauce
    1 tsp rice vinegar
    1-2 handfuls of spinach
    a sprinkle of sesame seeds for serving
    → serves 2

    #3 Overnight Focaccia 9:14

    1 cup lukewarm water (250ml)
    1 tbsp sugar or agave syrup
    1 tbsp olive oil to be added to the water
    1 1/4 teaspoons active dry yeast
    2 cups + 3 1/2 tbsp (240 g + 3 1/2 tbsp) white spelt flour or all-purpose flour or bread flour
    4 tbsp vital wheat gluten (sub with 4 tbsp extra flour)
    1 tsp salt
    1 tbsp of olive oil to be drizzled over the mixed batter
    1 tbsp of olive oil to grease your pan with
    1 tbsp of olive oil to be massaged into the dough once it has risen
    a generous sprinkle of coarse salt
    → BAKE for 25-27 Minutes in a preheated oven at 210C, forgot to mention!
    → yields 1 focaccia, baked in a 20cm square dish

    #4 Berry Rye Porridge 12:43

    ½ cup rye flour (60ml)
    1 cup (250ml) non dairy milk, added ¼ cup (60ml) at a time
    pinch of salt
    ½ tsp vanilla
    1 heaping tbsp cranberry compote
    if it gets too thick, add up to ¼ cup of water (60ml)
    optional: mix a handful of frozen berries
    for serving: green apple, vegan cream …
    → serves 1

    #5 Full English Breakfast 15:25

    Bacon Recipe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g2rRB4u-Of8&t=596s
    Sausage Recipe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vVBJrQl1XUM&t=426s
    1 can baked beans
    4-8 pieces of toast
    Eggs from Monday
    fried tomatoes + fried mushrooms
    → serves 4

    #6 Dosa & Sambar 16:15

    Instant Dosa:
    1 cup rice flour (130g)
    ¼ cup semolina + 1 tbsp (45g + 1 tbsp)
    ⅓ tsp salt
    1 1/2 cups water (375ml)
    oil for frying
    → serves 2

    ¾ cup toor dal, washed (or sub w yellow lentils, then no soaking is required)
    3 cloves of garlic
    ⅓ tsp turmeric powder
    2 cups water (500ml)
    1 onion
    1 inch piece of chili
    1 carrot
    1 handful of small potatoes (or 1 zucchini)
    4 medium sized tomatoes
    1 tbsp oil
    1 tbsp vegan butter
    1 tsp sambar powder
    1/2 tsp curry powder
    1/4 tsp ground coriander
    1 cup vegetable broth (250ml)
    1 tbsp tamarind paste
    2 tsp sugar
    fresh cilantro and sesame for serving 
    → serves 4

    #7 Pastel de Nata 19:49

    1 cup soy cream /soy cuisine (250ml)
    ¾ cup non dairy milk (180ml)
    ¼ cup non dairy milk to mix the starch in (60ml)
    ⅓ cup (40g) cornstarch
    1 tbsp vegan butter
    4 tbsp powdered sugar
    1 tsp vanilla
    1-2 tsp orange zest
    1 pinch of turmeric
    1 pinch of salt
    vegan butter for greasing the pan
    1 sheet of puff pastry
    flour for the surface
    ½ tsp cinnamon for sprinkling on top
    more powdered sugar for the top

    → yields 12 pies

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