The World's Sexiest Diet | Vegan Vs Carnivore Diet

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4 thoughts on “The World's Sexiest Diet | Vegan Vs Carnivore Diet

  • at 10:34 am

    None of those foods or diets are sexy, wtf is wrong with you? 🤡

  • at 11:56 am

    Have fun with clogged arteries and being antibiotic restistent. Both the American and the Canadian dietary association state that a well planned plant based diet is suitable for any stage of life. One of the guys that got the Strong Men Title is vegan and has a lot of muscles. You did no research and are just talking shit

  • at 12:11 pm

    If we're talking historically, they were treasured because they were difficult to find, and therefore eaten less frequently. I would just argue that all of what you have on the table is better than processed food.

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