We went to Universal Studios in Orlando Florida to Islands of Adventure and into Hogsmeade Village. While walking around, we found the three broomsticks open for breakfast. Afterwards we took the Hogwarts Express to Diagon Alley, which is located in the other park. You do need tickets for both parks to see the entire Wizarding World of Harry Potter.
We got:
02:35 Dragon Scale Beer
04:02 Hogs Head Beer
05:14 Butterbeer
06:51 Vegan breakfast platter
10:20 Traditional English breakfast platter

14:15 Overall thoughts

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  • Three Broomsticks is my favorite lunch option in the parks! I’ve never been for breakfast, but it looks good! My husband is making fun of me for spending my lunch break watching other people eat 😂

  • The vegan plate looks delicious! I'm surprised the vegan breakfast doesn't include the grilled tomatoes! With a little effort, they could make it with vegan scrambled eggs (tofu or Just Eggs), vegan bread, and vegan sausage and bacon. Oh well, at least the potatoes, mushrooms, and beans are all vegan! (P.S. I LOVE your masks! J.K. Rowling might not agree!)

  • Agreed on the beers, the hogshead is a bit bitter for my taste, Dragon scale is decent though, usually opt for a Strongbow cider in Universal, great on a hot day. Butterbeer is amazing, the ice cream, the fudge but especially the frozen. Never tried the food in either Harry potter areas, usually opt for eating in city walk.

  • So far Three Broomsticks has been the best meal I've had in Universal, which I don't think is saying much, but it was a typical pancakes and eggs breakfast on a day when I was already in a foul mood (I was not feeling adventurous enough for the black pudding). Those beans and potatoes look good, but $17 seems quite steep!

  • 😱 that was my face (as a Brit) and I actually shouted out "NO" when Bear put beans on his croissant 😂 Glad you enjoyed it though. Ive always avoided the Leaky Cauldron, partly as I don't want 'English' food and the limited vegan choice. This has almost tempted me, but $17! I miss baked beans when I'm in Florida but they're 30p a tin at home so that feels like a rip off