Top 5 Health Benefits Of Dragon Fruit | The Master Vegan

Find out all about scrumptious Dragon fruit. Dragon fruit is loaded with vitamins, anti-oxidants, when very low in energy

Dragon fruit has quite a few health rewards that are mentioned throughout the online video. Uncover out why you must integrate this astounding fruit into your diet program.

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Dragon Fruit – tasty, healthy dragon fruit goodness

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7 thoughts on “Top 5 Health Benefits Of Dragon Fruit | The Master Vegan

  • at 11:04 am

    wow never heard of dragon fruit, interesting stuff. 

  • at 1:26 am

    I think it taste like lychee.

  • at 2:40 am

    Even though they are five dollars apiece at this local supermarket here in Vermont I have to have at least one a week!

  • at 1:34 pm

    truly amazing fruit

  • at 3:15 am

    Thanks for the infos

  • at 2:38 am


  • at 7:27 am

    I buy Pitahaya every week, at least one, at a decent size, sometimes red-fleshed, many times white-fleshed, and dice it up to eat it as a snack.

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