TOP 8 WAYS TO SAVE WATER | Vegans Respond to CA Save Our Water

Hey fellas!

We set together this reaction video clip to California’s Help you save Our Stare Marketing campaign and their “guidelines” for conserving water… enable us know your views under!

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24 thoughts on “TOP 8 WAYS TO SAVE WATER | Vegans Respond to CA Save Our Water

  • at 1:05 pm

    well, I'm subscribed and I'm supporting your channel as much as I can

  • at 1:08 pm

    02:08 btw, climate change is not man-made. the climate would change even if there were no humans at all. so, you are wrong.

  • at 1:12 pm

    i been in cali during a wild fire not far from the hotel in Oxnard Cali. i do my best to use the minimal amount of water in that state. i live in florida, so i go in with the water use in my state

  • at 1:23 pm

    477 gallons of water?! what are chickens?! nuclear reactors?! if those facts are proven to be true, you could consider getting rid of your chickens in order to prevent the waste of such huge amounts of water

  • at 1:26 pm

    Keep up the good work you two, it seems overwhelming but if we all do our part maybe humanity will continue to live on this floating ball.

  • at 1:43 pm

    Please don't make fun of your old videos where you did the recipes! I loved those and still refer back to them. Your enthusiasm and showing me I could still make yummy food is what made me want to go vegan. I even bought the little gummy bear trays you linked. You two are wonderful and I really appreciate your honesty ❤

  • at 1:52 pm

    Going vegan was the very best thing I've ever done in my life for ethics, the environment and for my health 🥰💚

  • at 3:00 pm

    I find it disappointing to see so many people protesting for the environment who aren't vegan. They're happy pointing the finger at large corporations, but not take responsibility for creating demand for these corporations' products, namely animal products. They have no idea how the easy switch to a plant-based diet is the single-most impactful way individuals can help the environment.

    And yet, when we talk about veganism to non-vegans, many seem more concerned about the positive environmental impacts than not paying for animal cruelty (not that they'll necessarily go plant-based for the environment). A lot of people see a personal benefit in saving the environment and none in sparing animals torture and death.

    With the increasingly common natural disasters, forest fires, droughts and floods, I hope more people will go plant-based. Maybe this is how brutal the wake-up call needs to be for some people's minds to click, or maybe even this won't be enough. Here's hoping…

  • at 3:09 pm

    your source of information has already been proven to use counterfeit data to scaremonger the gullible and they lost their credibility a long time ago. I can't imagine how desperate someone can be to stand behind their claims

  • at 3:10 pm

    isn't it funny that annoying vegans complain about annoying trolls?

  • at 3:13 pm

    Great video ☺️ It's maddening to hear barely any mention of animal ag in relation to water usage when it's such a huge contributor… Yet non vegans love to throw the "almonds & avocados tho" 'argument' at us.
    You weren't kidding about your loyal trolls were you!?! 😂 Doing the channel a great service increasing engagement & exposure! Thanks! 💜

  • at 4:09 pm

    Great video! Thank you for sharing this comparison.

  • at 4:57 pm

    Hello all you lovely people 👋

  • at 6:20 pm

    change is good, most people would improve them self if they changed! love your videos !!! oh and CNN fake news

  • at 6:26 pm

    These “water saving tips” remind me of the “energy saving tips” currently being pedalled by huge energy companies in the UK at the moment. The energy industry is making billions in profits and yet prices for the public are skyrocketing. And they have the audacity to share “energy saving tips” with the public in order to – as always – put the onus on the individual rather than doing what needs to be done, which is reducing prices and investing in sustainable energy. It’s sickening.

    We’ve got working class people going without hot water, heating, lighting and refusing to cook food and yet still can’t afford their energy bills.

  • at 7:44 pm

    Here in Turkey they are trying to ban the sale of plant based cheese! Why? Reason; it’s misleading because it looks like ‘normal cheese’ (their words not mine!) The power of the dairy and animal horror industries is really scary; just like in the ‘water saving’ issue, rarely anyone talks about the facts so these videos are sooo important! Thanks!

  • at 8:19 pm

    Okay, obviously it’s a little late to edit this video, but your stats aren’t that compelling if you don’t compare water usage for animal products to water usage for plant food. Unless you’re just recommending people not eat anything.

    I assume the numbers would still heavily favor a plant diet.

  • at 1:16 am

    Comment to support the channel. And of course I watched the whole video. Love you, guys❤️ always recommend your channel to any person that wants to know more about veganism and ethical connections.

  • at 1:18 am

    I doubt people will change en mass sadly until the law incentivises the majority to stop animal products.

    I hope it doesn't have to get to that point. But the amount of money and politics and livelihoods invested in animal industries, suggests they will fight even the likes of drought and climate change now jeopardising increasing numbers of people worldwide.

    Nevertheless, each plant based person and every person turning to plants helps. But to save water – turn plant based and plant exclusive, definitely does far more good.

    Almond and avocado finger pointers – quit the meat, dairy, and eggs first please. Then you can begin to point the finger, not before.

  • at 3:24 am

    I've never bought a T-shirt before, but I guess I should get on that now!

  • at 3:39 am

    I am still subbed, but YT stopped showing your videos. Dumb*ss! Gotta love the algorithm. Not that it is that much work to go looking for videos, I just have to remember! Love the info y'all put out. Some of this is just so obvious, like turning off the water when you brush teeth. Duh! But keep eating those eggs? #logic

  • at 4:28 am

    Vegans that have cats are fake vegans.

  • at 1:24 pm

    Sharing 💚

  • at 11:39 pm

    Is the sky really blue, though? In some languages, the word blue doesn’t exist. Often, the sky is grey, purple, orange, red – so many colours the sky can be.

    But, I get your point. Climate change is a fact, along with many other facts that most of us all agree are true.

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