Vegan for Beginners – Creamy Chickpeas and Mushroom, is this a hit?

Another Vegan Dish in our quest to be healthier, sometimes. Today we are testing another dish that Deliciously Ella posted on her Instagram this month. It was for a Creamy Chickpea and Mushroom dish that would warm you inside out. First we have to blend the nut & roasted garlic mixture into a creamy sauce and then sautee our veggies just right. Then it’s a nice warm bowl of this delicious concoction over hot rice. If you’re interested in exploring the vegan and meatless movement, watch this video as two non-vegans try making and tasting dishes to see if we could convert. Deliciously Ella’s great recipes make it way easy for us to test the waters!

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1. Use whatever nut milk you have in the house, the recipe calls for almond milk but you hardly notice the taste. We used coconut milk and thought it was still delicious.
2. Nutritional Yeast, if you’re not Vegan or familiar with, is not regular yeast. It’s a flavor enhancer that’s nutty and creamy. A great addition for any vegan dish. We found it sitting next to the yeast in the grocery story, probably because that’s where people would think to look if they’re not sure.
3. You’ll use just about the entire cream sauce batch. The recipe calls for only 3 Tbsp. and suggests you add more if you needed. Yes, we needed it as we found that 3 Tbsp. did nothing and was dry so we added just about all and it was just about right (ended up using 15 Tbsp which is almost a cup).

FOR THE RECIPE REFERENCED IN TODAY’S VIDEO, head over to Deliciously Ella’s Instagram:

One recipe, tested by two cooks!

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    I love that you show that you can edit a recipe to fit what you have on hand and its stillll good!!!

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    Great video haha – subscribed ✌️

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