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Weekly Q&A | Coffee Side Effects | Resistant Starch | Measuring Ketones – Thomas DeLauer

YT Q&A – Week 1/7/19

Does a High Fat Diet cause Inflammation? (Keto Diet & Inflammation)

Felix Rodriguez

Thomas do blueberries, raspberries and blackberries help reduce inflammation and how much is acceptable to eat of each to remain in ketosis?

Mathew Engineri

Thomas I had a question come up I was not sure how to answer correctly. I know milk products cause inflammation in the body. My question is are there any forms of cheeses and yogurts that are better for you to keep your inflammation off down. I love Labne, high fat long aged cheeses. Thanks for all you do and as always I’m locked into your channel!


Hi, I very much appreciate the scientific content of your video. I would appreciate if you could talk about kombucha and kefir drinks and compatibility with keto diet and or fasting. Thanks a lot

Take Theanine with Coffee to Reduce Anxiety (& Improve Sleep)

Mohammed Ali

Would 400mg of Theanine effect insulin enough for it to be considered a fast breaker?


Will theanine break your fast or have an insulin response?

Bruno Matias

Thomas, is it useful to mix theanine, teacrine and caffeine? Also, if theanine is an amino acid, could it break a fast?

Daniel Reverter

Do theanine users develop tolerance to it like to caffeine?

M Jones

When do you suggest taking? AM with coffee is a given, but in the afternoon or at night prior to sleep?

I also assume anytime you consume caffeine its a good idea as well (i.e.. pre-workout at noon or whenever).

Keto Diet Guide: How to Measure your Ketones Properly

Kandice Thompson

I have not been able to exercise due to Drs restrictions. 6 months on keto my tested levels are always .8-1.5 … is that good for weight loss?? Or should my diet be different ?


So now I’d like to know why .5 is more desirable than .2. What is happening at .5 that isn’t happening at .2?
If a higher number is more desirable then we should all just take exogenous ketones.


Thomas Delauer why does my Keto strip says 5.0 but my blood says 1.6

Delmy Salinas

I get my KetoMojo today and my ketone is at 1.0 how can go deeper in ketosis???
I’m 42 years old 230 pounds I’m doing Intermittent fasting of 16 hours and working out in fasting , what I need to do to get deeper HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

Weird Carbs: Your Body & “Resistant Starch”

Mad Mike

Does dietary fiber count towards the carb count? I hear that it doesn’t change the blood sugar levels. Do we subtract these from the count or count them as half?

Maximilian Bachmann

Is it true that when rice is cooked and then cooled, a lot of the starch is changed into that resistant starch?

Yvonne Mairose

Great vid. May have missed this but do RS3 become digestible if they are heated AFTER they have been cooled?

Adam C.

How often should we incorporate these things into our meals?

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